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Residential and Commercial Termite Pre-Treatments

Treatment to a home or commercial building during the construction period for termite control is called pre-treating. Termiticide is applied to the prepared soil, rock and roughed in plumbing just prior to pouring concrete. This is the best time to apply a chemical barrier protection against termite infestation. Pre-treating is mainly done for new construction as well as home additions or replacement of porches, patios and other concrete slabs adjacent to the exterior foundation wall of the home. If you decide to change your landscaping, putting in a sump-pump, waterproofing the foundation (on the exterior) or mud jacking a porch you will need to consider termite treatment or pre-treatment to those areas during the construction phase to be sure your most valuable investment is protected from the silent attack of termite infestation. STL Pest Control located in Saint Louis is available for all your termite treatment needs. If you are considering any type of construction, remodeling or repair of your home, give us a call today.


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